How to Properly Maintain and Clean Your Dab Torch for Longevity

Many dab connoisseurs prefer larger, high-quality torches that generate bigger flames. Other users may prefer smaller, portable torches that

How to Properly Maintain and Clean Your Dab Torch for Longevity

Many dab connoisseurs prefer larger, high-quality torches that generate bigger flames. Other users may prefer smaller, portable torches that are easy to take. Handheld torches fit easily in wallets or small bags, allowing users to heat a banger without getting strange looks from others.

Clean the Torch Regularly

dab torch is an essential component of a traditional dab rig. These torches start at about $20 and can go up into hundreds of dollars depending on the quality and features. To keep your torch clean and working properly, follow these steps.

Carb Caps

Like other dab rig components, the carb caps need regular cleaning to prevent residue from clogging the jets. These can be cleaned with a paper towel, cotton swab, or alcohol pad. Some people heat the carb cap a bit to loosen any stubborn gunk before wiping it.


The best way to clean a banger nail is to use the dab torch and let it heat until any residual carbon or reclaim burns off. Then, wipe it down with a paper towel or an alcohol-soaked Q-tip. For particularly dirty nails, you can place them in a resealable plastic bag and add some Isopropyl alcohol to the bag. Soak the nail for a few hours or overnight.

Use Clean Fuel

The dab torch is a powerful tool that needs to be handled carefully to avoid fire hazards. Users should ensure that the nozzle and plug fit tightly and avoid flammable materials when not in use. It’s also important to purge the torch before using it for the first time since there may be oxygen in the tank that could cause a fire.

Cleaning a dab nail is vital to preserving the flavor of the terpenes, and this task can be done with a cotton swab or alcohol pad. Some users prefer to soak their nails in isopropyl alcohol overnight for extra cleaning power. Generally, it’s recommended to use butane over propane when maintaining your dab torch, as it offers a cleaner taste that doesn’t detract from the flavors of concentrates. In addition, butane is known to be a more durable fuel than propane, making it the superior choice for dab enthusiasts.

Inspect the Torch for Signs of Wear and Tear

If you’re experiencing issues with your torch lighter preventing it from working properly, the first step is to clean and inspect it. This helps ensure that the fuel is fresh and contaminant-free, preventing odors from forming in the combustion chamber.

If the nozzle is dirty and restricting the flow of oxygen and acetylene, it will cause a popping noise when you press the trigger. This is caused by the air and gas not mixing properly in the nozzle and can be prevented by scrubbing it with a brass wire brush or using a specialized nozzle cleaner.

It’s also important to check the torch lighter for signs of wear and tear. This includes checking the flame size, fuel capacity, and safety features. Some torches have a child safety lock, while others have an airflow control valve and an in-built stand. The size of the torch is also important because it determines how easy it is to carry and use.

Replace the Torch When Needed

A good torch is essential for dabbing. While it’s possible to heat a nail with a regular BIC lighter from the gas station, you’ll want something that can heat your rig and nails properly. Many dabbers prefer butane torches that produce powerful flames and can be refilled when needed.

Aside from being safer, these torches have more precise control over heating temperatures, which can be very important for dabs. Aside from being easy to use, a great torch should also be durable and made from quality materials.

As dabbing continues to grow in popularity, manufacturers are developing innovative ways for us to enjoy our favorite concentrates without the need for analog equipment. Although we don’t recommend trying this at home, you can still enjoy dabs with all the benefits of using electronic dab rigs that handle temperature control. This way, you can get your dabs with ease and peace of mind.

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